Hey There. This is the Slow Holler tarot project blog.

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Hey There. This is the Slow Holler tarot project blog.

This is the place to keepĀ up with the project’s progress and any important developments with the project, the deck, or the Kickstarter. We’re also on facebook, tumblr, instagram, and pinterest if you use that stuff.

We’re so grateful for the whole whole mess of loves, friends, queers, and creatives have been contributing advice, effort, work, and support to this project, and we’re so excited to keep working on it.

We are currently in the process of making the Kickstarter video and will keep you posted as that progresses.


IMG_0676 copy


IMG_0713 copy

IMG_0756 copy

IMG_0758 copy copy

IMG_0759 copy

slow-holler-tarot-deck-R2 med res

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  1. Jolie Day
    February 26, 2015

    Hey y’all,
    I follow y’all on insta and was happy to be a part of zine machine. I’m wondering if its a little late to ask if I could in some way be a part of this or if there is any need for any more artists/ is the deck done/ may I have more info?
    Thank you so much,


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