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Ayden Love is a loud-mouthed, Leo hag, born and raised drinking Pepsi out of a baby bottle in the swamps of rural NC. Raised by snake handling Pentecostals, she developed a strong appreciation for ecstatic ritual magic and esoteric symbolism. As a youngster she was taught that her sexual desires for those of her own gender were the influence of a demon in her body. Nowadays she thanks that demon for its excellent taste in babes and great spin-the-bottle luck.  She learned to value good line quality from the pine trees, color blending from the marsh grass and divine mysteries from the live oaks. While she deeply longs to return to The South to rejoin her coven and finally eat grits again, she can be found consuming too much caffeine and complaining about her adrenal crisis while catching babies and attending Hogwarts in Portland, OR until then.