Are you still selling tarot decks?

UPDATE: The deck is sold out. We are taking a break from the tarot project through 2018 and will decided early 2019 wether to reprint or not.  You can check out and other merch at

This is a Queer Southern tarot deck? Is every artist on the project Queer and Southern?

The artists and contributors on this project come from a variety of backgrounds. Each artist either has ties with the South, or is from the South, or identifies as queer (or somewhere along the LGBTQ spectrum) or holds a combination of those identities.

Queer and Southern voices are often underrepresented and misrepresented. This deck is a particular collection of voices from these groups. The collaboration of these voices will create a beautiful, relatable, thoughtful, deck that has a lot of intention and integrity, and that also amplifies queer and southern voices.

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