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The Mix

Slow Holler co-curated this mix much like we curated the artists for the tarot project. It has music from a few project contributors – and also features music from friends, friends of friends, and artists who inspire or move us. The curation has a focus on queer and Southern voices, but is not exclusive to those identities.

Slow Holler tarot project contributor tracks:
Counting Station • E Henderson // Mr. Jenkins • Nic. Jenkins • Romantic Animal • Janke Seltsam // Psychic Hotline • M. Chandelier


Slow Holler / tarot project from e.henderson on 8tracks Radio.

Track List

1. The Untitled Song – Laila Nur
2. Tonadas Y Cantos – Yva Las Vegass
3. the oldest living thing – counting station
4. Pretty Very Removed Song – Nessie & Her Beard
5. Ruby – The Molasses Gospel
6. Sex on the Beach – Daddy Issues
7. Get Dressed feat. Chaunesti – Shirlette Ammons
8. Feel It [Explicit] – Rapsody
9.Como La Flor (2005 Re-mastering) (Live) – Selena
10. boderlans – CHH◯TI MΔΔ
11. july 4th 1998 – T. Grayson
12. Where Do We Go Now? – Mr. Jenkins
13. Houses – southern femisphere
14. Another Reason – Loamlands
15. We Will Bury You – The Bags
16. Jolene – Dolly Parton
17. I Slept – dali felipe
18. What They Said – Diaspoura
19. Gracias a la Vida – Isabel Parra
20. the subtleties of chores & unlocked doors – Des Ark
22. I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy – Antony And The Johnsons
23. Go Out On the Road – Hurray for the Riff Raff
24. Spider Queen – Psychic Hotline
25. Krazy Krush – Ms. Dynamite
26. Driven – Foxtrott
27. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens – Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
28. sound of her wings-  Miah Luz
29. Lobos – Tomboi
30. No Soy De Aquí, No Soy De Allá – Chavela Vargas
31. Freight train – Elizabeth Cotten

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  • WOW, I think we’ve been working in tandem…all day today I’ve been putting together an 8-tracks mixtape of the past two months’ music (I can’t actually get the mixtape finished cos the internet here is so slow…!) including Kym’s band and Des Ark. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome Southern Femisphere are too 😀

    • : ))))) Heckyeah!!! It was so fun to co-curate the mix. Hoping to do more of that. What’s yr 8tracks profile link?

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