We’ve launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that we need to complete and produce the deck. So go ahead and pre-order a deck! The project is well underway with illustrations completed for 18 cards and for the hanky that comes with a deck. We have several more illustrations in progress.

The Kickstarter goal is based on covering costs for printing the deck, book, and hanky in the United States, to cover paying a modest fee to the writers, and to cover taxes Kickstarter fees and shipping. The goal amount also allows us to offer each deck at a reasonably affordable cost.

The project will be successfully funded if about 1100 decks are claimed. So tell all yr friends and yr friends’ friends, and yr friends who talk to larger audiences. Know somebody from Bitch Magazine, or Huffington Post, or Jezebel, or somewhere else good? Put us in touch. Let’s put in the energy it takes to realize this project.

We are so excited about this work. It’s emotional and beautiful, and we’re grateful for the relationships we’ve been forming and strengthening as it unfolds.


  • Hello all,
    I really like your project and wanted to make a suggestion! I think a lot of shops will want to carry your deck, would you consider adding another kickstarter option for stores? It looks like the deck is $46? Usually wholesale is half retail so if the decks are $25 each and the offer is to pre buy 10 or 20 plus shipping which should be about $21.30 in a USPS lrg priority mail box with insurance I think you could make up the funding money quite quickly. If you decide to go in that direction, Im happy to send you a list of stores to reach out to. You might also want to ask the Sacred Well in Oakland to promote your campaign. They have a huge following. And the Scarlett Sage carries decks and is lesbian owned. Hope thats all helpful and good luck!

    • Nicholas. These are great ideas! Thank you! I’m concerned about confusing folks with officially adding wholesale rewards on the Kickstarter. I’ll look up the shops you mentioned and reach out.

  • Will people be able to buy the deck later on if they don’t pre-order one through the kickstarter, as long as you all get funded and are able to do the project and print the deck?

    Good luck, so beautiful and thank you for pushing this baby out into the world…


    • Hi! Good question. Our budget for the campaign is based around printing a relatively small run of 2000 decks. We’re focusing on outreach for the campaign right now, because the Kickstarter funding will determine wether we are able to complete the decks or not. Post-Kickstarter availability would depend on how many decks get claimed through the campaign, and of course will also depend on reaching our goal amount.

  • I’m wondering what the expected completion time is. I don’t see it anywhere on your site and I haven’t gotten an email update since July. From my recollection, I thought it was supposed to be around December initially, but I know these things take time. I just want an update to know when I might be able to look forward to it arriving.

    • The cards are printed on playing card stock, and were printed by a company near Raleigh North Carolina who specializes in printing playing cards. They hold up well.

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